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Welcome to EYE SEA Bonaire, Glass Bottom Boat Tours!

Come and see the amazing underwater world of Klein Bonaire with us. How many different species of fish can you find? 

Our Glass Bottom Boat has been very popular for years on Bonaire. In early 2018 we gave this boat a complete makeover! But of course, the glass bottom is still there!

  • Great tour for young, old, divers, snorkelers and non divers, snorkelers! You are able to have a extended view over the reefs of klein Bonaire without getting wet, no experience required. But also for divers it is a great tour because you see more dive sites in one tour and you see it from a different angle. Captain Kim will tell you all about the reef and it's residents while driving the boat very closely over the reefs. It's nice and relaxed looking at the reef without swimming for a change. And this way people that can not dive or snorkel are able to see the reef to. Kim will surely show you a great time! Do the regular tour or ask about options about private tours like we did with our family

    Great tour for young, old, divers and non divers!
    Great tour for young, old, divers and non divers!
  • Thank you so much for this experience! As most of my friends know; I’m really afraid of animals in the water. Thats one of the reasons that I’m scarred to dive. My friend told me we were going on a boat with a glass bottom. From the moment you see the boat en the perfect view you forget the world above water. We saw amazing corals and many fish! We even saw 4 sea turtles!! They also stop on Klein Bonaire, here you can snorkel and swim around in the beautiful blue water. The underwater world is amazing!! Maybe one day I’ll try to dive. Thank you so much for this experience! #greatview #nodivernoproblem #underwater-world Thanks again!

    No diver? No problem! 4 sea turtles!
    No diver? No problem! 4 sea turtles!
  • Spectacular snorkeling and boat tour. Kim was an awesome captain. She took us on a glass bottom boat tour to Klien Bonaire. She made the tour both interesting and fun. She knew all sorts of interesting things about the island, the fish, and the sea We traveled the length of the island and saw colorful fish and 2 turtles. We anchored at beautiful site to snorkel with the fish and even a turtle. The trip was so fun, that we decided to go on a second adventure with Kim. We were lucky enough to be staying during the full moon when the clam lobsters light up. We cruised to the south of the island where it was dark And watched the light show through the glass bottom boat. Some of us snorkeled and watched the light show all around us as we swim. It was amazing! I would recommend Eye Sea Tours to everyone. Kim is wonderful with kids and adults alike.

    Spectacular snorkeling and boat tour
    Spectacular snorkeling and boat tour


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