Hi! Welcome and first of all: Thank you for visiting our website!
We are Kim and Mark. Both born and raised in the Netherlands.

Kim’s story:

I came to Bonaire for the first time late 2013. Just for vacation. I learned how to scuba dive in these beautiful waters. At the end of this vacation I had for the first time in my life that feeling that I didn’t want to go ‘home’ anymore. Before that vacation ‘home’ was perfect! I just fell in love with the underwater world, the whole atmosphere on the island and okay, the climate. I went back to Bonaire just 2 months later to do my dive master internship and decided this is the place where I belong. Another 3 months later I had my one-way-ticket, left my life behind, packed 2 suitcases and… here I am!  I’ve worked as a full time dive instructor for the first 2 years. In the mean time I certified as EFR instructor, handicapped divers instructor and tour guide Bonaire. The last one just because I was interested in the island I call Home now.
After 2 years I started to combine the diving with another water activity. I became kayak tour guide in the mangroves! I thought the combination of diving and kayaking was the best…
Till I saw a really nice opportunity! Starting my own business and still being on the water every day! EYE SEA Bonaire was born…
You will definitely meet me on the boat as your guide and captain. I will make sure you have a wonderful time. I’m willing to tell you all you want to know about Bonaire, Klein Bonaire and everything under water. I’m passionate about this world…

Mark’s story:

I started visiting Bonaire in 2014. The perfect island to relax and scuba dive! Be careful though, don’t fall in love with your dive instructor 😉 !
After spending more time in planes (to Bonaire) then you can imagine, I booked my one-way-ticket and moved to this beautiful rock (and Kim) as well.
I’ve been captain on different boats and owned my own sailing boat in the Netherlands, but on Bonaire I’ve started EYE SEA Bonaire together with Kim. Like it should be, I’m always there when she needs me… as captain or technician. Or for the fun!